#gtstoogies 9

The Invitation to the Global Bake off – Delicious Dessert Delicacies from around the world to be held in the #gtstoogies lobby and annex before and after the #gtchat sessions this week read

“Ride your Cyberbike up past your email account.. turn right at facebook junction… drive up the global network highway until you reach the summit.. nestled down below in the darkness you will see some softly twinkling lights.. spiral down via information whirl to the end following the tendrils of banana and chocolate…”

We do not need to fly in international taste tester canines for the Global Bake off but as I set off on my Cyberbike to deliver the Pavlova, Lamingtons and Chocolate Ripple Cake from Australia I realised that Emotional, Imaginational and Sensual Dabrowski were already in the sidecar, Intellectual was ready to hop up on the seat and PsychoMotor was running and bouncing along beside the bike following the delicious smells of chocolate which were wafting through the air !

One thought on “#gtstoogies 9

  1. Hahaha I want a cyberbike! I also can’t wait for the Bake Off. Ran my own baking business when the kids were young! I’m ready to fend off any challengers to my cookie trays filled with Cookie Dough Brownies, Lemon Butter Bars, Black Raspberry Chocolate Dream Bars, Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Raspberry Almond Drizzled Shortbreads!

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