Twitter Bird Oompah Band for #gtstoogies 8


The Twitter Birds are rehearsing Oom pah style music so that they can provide entertainment for the German theme feast at #gtstoogies this week.
These particular  Twitter birds were adapted from  birds in a set of free Twitter Bird icons available at
They have dressed up as their favourites The Oom Pah Band

and will be playing a very limited selection of bars of Oom pah music found on Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Twitter Bird Oompah Band for #gtstoogies 8

  1. ROTFLOL I believe you may be the most creative person I know. I never dreamed that our Lobby would lead to this! This is truly hysterical – in the best kind of way! Thank you for all your contributions to gtstoogies as well as gifted education. I’m proud to know you and thankful for global collaboration.

  2. Thank you so much! I am having such a lot of fun – thank you and all the gtstoogies for the opportunity to share fun and laughter and support for each other in the Lobby!
    Kind regards, Jo

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