The Pool of Collected Reflections

I was glad that Sprite had tagged along with me for the Reform Symposium because she had packed her laptop and USB memory stick and that meant that The Memory Elephant was also with us.

I have been enjoying reading all the reflections on the symposium recorded in blog entries by the participants. I am still reading and rereading and processing the new knowledge and resources and inspirations I received and continuing to follow the #rscon10 hashtag on Twitter but I have not yet posted any of my own reflections.

I have read many posts expressing gratitude to Shelly Terrell, Christopher Rogers, Kelly Tenkely, and Jason Bedell for organizing and moderating the 2010 Reform Symposium and I want to add my vote of gratitude and appreciation.

I read blog entries describing the experience of presenting at Reform Symposium on A techie’s view at

And I read many posts about the experience of participating such as


I read Great Quotes from rscon10 at My Integrating Technology Journey by Jennifer Verschoor in Argentina

So I was really delighted when Paula Naugle posted a questionnaire at in order to set up a Google docs spreadsheet listing all the blogs that were being written about rscon10 at

Now we can find a great Pool of Collected Reflections.

There was an excellent post about the art of reflection by Celia Coffa at

So The Memory Elephant donned his Combination 6 De Bono Thinking Hat and went to the Pool of Collected Reflections to gather wise and insightful reflections of the Reform Symposium from many different angles


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