Lacrimae Mundi – the tears of the world

They say it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a global village to raise a gifted child. The Internet is a wonderful global village for parents, teachers, psychologists, education consultants etc who have a passion for caring and advocating for gifted people.
Even on a global scale it is a fairly small community when compared to the size of groups which share other interests. We don’t always agree with each other in our discussions about education. Sometimes we cannot even agree about definitions.
But it is reassuring to have a community where it is possible to share triumph and grief and know that there is understanding of the issues.
So when My Son My Hero the story of the difficulties being faced by a gifted lad
was posted on a Gifted and Talented forum 
tears were shed in America, Canada, Ireland, France and probably many other countries for a small Australian boy and his family.
And now the same global village is supporting and cheering the family as they set up learning projects and search for future pathways for their remarkable son.

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