Caramel the Chat Cat

As Intellectual Dabrowski and Pugnacious Loyola returned to Sprite’s Site blog after farewelling the Chinese taste tester dogs and bringing the Italian flag for use at next week’s #gtstoogies gathering Caramel Cat emerged from the shadows with a mouth full of Twitter bird saying
“Je suis Caramel le chat – le CHAT chat vous savez?
J’aime manger les oiseaux de Twitter avec la crème!”

Apparently Caramel had realised that there was delicious food to be had at the chat gatherings and also that the word chat was the French word for cat.

There were so many things I should be doing rather than chasing Caramel around the Blog to make him spit out the Twitter birds – like writing the next newsletter, finishing a presentation, preparing for meetings, and writing a series of blog entries about getting organised.
Sprite’s room had resembled Camlan, the scene of King Arthur’s last battle  already but was even messier after we had chased Caramel though it.
“OK!  We really do have to get organised!” I said.

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