#gtstoogies 4

The Twitter #gtchat sessions have proved to be a valuable arena for collaboration in discussions about issues relating to giftedness and gifted education. They have also provided a wealth of information and links.
The topics for the two sessions are chosen during the preceding week by a poll of a selection of topics.
To find out about #gtchat sessions and how to join see Deborah Mersino’s Ingeniosus website http://www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat
Transcripts of past #gtchat sessions can be read at http://www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat-transcripts
Two of the recent chat sessions which were particularly inspiring and provided a rich collection of resources were
Math Mania: Finding the Best Sites/Resources/Tools- http://bit.ly/bRw4y7 {Scroll to 10:20pm/GMT for start of links}
Role Models: Delving into the Best Biographies for Gifted Students- http://bit.ly/9q9tos {Scroll to11pm/GMT for start}

The #gtstoogies gather in the lobby each week before and after #gtchat sessions for general chatter. During the week the chat at #gtstoogies continues and we have fun planning the theme for the next virtual feast and other activities.

Most weeks Sprite helps to set up the virtual table. Sensual Dabrowski initially wanted to serve as taste tester but had to admit he was not sure what the taste and texture of the food should be. So now he calls in tasters who have local knowledge to give their approval.
This week there will be a Chinese theme. The visiting taste testers are Pekingese, Chow Chow, Imperial Dog, Chinese Crested, Shih Tzu, Shar Pei and Sprite’s friend Pugnacious Loyola.
Intellectual Dabrowski enjoyed being patted at the camp fire last week so much that he decided to come along again and when he saw the Chinese lantern that Sprite had hung above the table he bounded out and returned with a puzzle for us. Do you know what his puzzle is?
Sprite lent the panda that she was given at her P Party.

Through the night window you can see a fireworks display.

Through the day window you get a glimpse of Melbourne’s famous processional Chinese dragon performing at the Moomba Parade. If you want to see it in action you will have to step out to http://bit.ly/d8Vfwa and if you would like to see the Chinese community of Melbourne celebrating with a Lion Dance go to http://bit.ly/c3tOSk If you would like to take a wander around Melbourne and also Bendigo you can see both Oriental dragons and their Western relations on Carole’s Dragon tour at http://www.carolewilkinson.com.au/dragontour/

On the table you will find a fortune cookie with a generic message of good fortune for #gtchat Please bring more messages for the fortune cookies when you come to #gtstoogies lobby this week!

4 thoughts on “#gtstoogies 4

  1. I am speechless! The graphic representation of this week’s feast is incredible! In this case, a picture speaks a thousand words —-> my entry for a fortune cookie message.
    To the occasional outside observer, the gtchat lounge may seem a bit insane and imperceptible. However, with all the talk of ‘lack of creativity’ in the world today – this makes perfect sense – both to create and to understand.

  2. Really nice one, and a good way to add in and share links that can broaden interest. Good idea of this use.. start with an ethnic food, and than expand from there… fireworks… chinese dragon parade.. etc… for me, gtstoogies brings me back to a place where I could access my powerful imagery imagination again, something we tend to ‘somehow’ leave behind us as we move up and through adulthood.., maybe where that loss of creativity comes from..

    • They already have an app which sprays scents at you – maybe one day there will be a Lick screen and taste app probably attached to a CD tray cup holder!

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