Perchance to dream

“I had a really weird dream last night!” Sprite told me.
“I can see where most of it came from – it was all about things I had been reading or doing or watching on TV. But some of it was just really weird!”
“Tell me about it” I said.
“Well, we are studying the book Chinese Cinderella and I watched a documentary about foot binding in China. Then I watched a documentary about the carbon cycle and measuring your carbon footprint. Then there was a promo for the evening news about ‘sightings of Bigfoot ‘and ‘how you can still see the footprints on the moon’.
Then I went out into the garden and I was reading the fairy stories about Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and also Around the World in 80 Days.
In the evening I looked at the moon to see if I could see the footprints and then I read the poem The Land of Counterpane before I went to sleep.”
“So what did you dream?” I asked
“I dreamed that I was in the garden daydreaming about riding in a hot air balloon. Then I was flying over fields and towns and seas in the balloon till I came to The Land of Counterpane. First it was all light and pretty like the picture in the book but then it turned all grey and menacing and turned into a blurry hospital room.
Then I was reading the Fractured Fairy Tales version of Cinderella. When the clock struck midnight and she started to run down the stairs (silly girl!) and her glass slipper came off she fell down the stairs and ended up in the blurry hospital room. And when the Prince’s people came round with the glass slipper she couldn’t try it on because she had a plaster cast on her leg. So they took her to the palace to see if she could sit on the throne. (It broke when the Three Bears tried to sit on it.) And because she could sit on the throne it proved she was in the same dimension as the Prince and because she could sit on it without breaking it she was allowed to marry him.
And they should have all lived happily ever after.
But then on the TV in my dream there was a very disturbing promo for an item in the evening news –


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