For general chat such as sharing recipes before and after the Twitter #gtchat sessions you can log into #gtstoogies
The theme for the #gtstoogies for tonight is Mexican so I asked Sprite to prepare some Mexican food for me to to take.
Sensual Dabrowski wanted to do a taste test but was not sure what the taste should be so he invited two of his friends who would have local knowledge.
In a hushed respectful tone Sprite introduced them.
“This is Pepe the Chihuahua and this is Xoloitzcuintles Perro Pelón Mexicano the Mexican Hairless Dog”

2 thoughts on “#gtstoogies

  1. Neat stuff for stoogies!!

    Cute pictures as well… good thing we don’t live many centuries ago or the Perro Pelon would have been a main course!!



  2. lol How fantastic is this!?! Are gtstoogies creative or what? And this is so perfect to highlight the Noon gtchat topic of using humor to deal with giftedness! I am SO impressed! I just hope these treats don’t resemble doggie treats!

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