Happy Birthday Sprite’s Site

In June 2009 Sprite staged a take over of the Blog on my personal website.
It was originally set up in December 2008 titled Ho Ho It’s Jo! I realised that some of the entries I had included in the blog on Gifted Resources website really should be on a personal blog and my tech guru, Jamie Tarling set this one up for me. But I did not make much use of it.

Sprite, the little cartoon character that I had developed to illustrate presentations began to take on a life of her own and the blog seemed the ideal place for her to express herself while drawing attention to 2e (twice exceptional) students who are gifted and have a learning disability. It also enabled me to highlight programs and resources and give links to other blogs and websites which I had found useful.

So here we are celebrating the first birthday of Sprite’s Site blog!
Sprite has had 39,000 plus page views since the beginning of 2010 and 61,900 plus page views since June last year!

I wanted to give Sprite a birthday party which reflected the activities on the blog for the year.
We tried to get everyone lined up for a photo but it was almost impossible.
Psycho Motor Dabrowski and Little Bully Black Dog were off bouncing and barking at the lights on the topiary tessellation bird leaf tree and Imaginational Dabrowski was being transported by the sight of an escaped balloon to a ride Around the World in 80 days in a hot air balloon.
Arachnid, the spider, was still working on website design but promised to set up a birthday message image in the style of E.B. White.
Caramel Cat refused to budge from her siesta place in a spot of sunlight.
In the end we had to settle for my sketch of the event. You can see me reflected in my new clip art mirror which I selected to replace the copy of the Giovanni Arnolfini mirror which Sprite claimed I had stolen.

Jen E Wren and Starjump Starfish were there and PLIESE had sent a box of goodies. Eidetic, the Memory Elephant, wore a party thinking cap and trumpeted happily. Puppy and Pony, Columbus Cheetah, Pugnacious Loyola, a monkey and a meerkat were all present. All the overexcitable Dabrowski dogs were there and the Black dogs were there too but they were under control and behaving themselves. The Origami Secretary Bird stated that it was a gathering to institute cake day in the work place once a month.

The Twitter birds had delivered may lovely greeting cards from friends whose blogs and websites had helped Sprite during the year – Christine Fonseca, Cybraryman, OGTOC, Annie Fox, Sound Success, Dr Michele Borba, Angel Quilter, Sharon Barnes, Marjie Knudsen, Deborah Mersino, Psych Sal and SLAV Bright Ideas.

Her cake had 12 candles – one for each month because 1 single candle looked a bit lonely. They were trick candles which do not go out when blown. Sprite was delighted and said she would keep wishing for world peace and a REAL pony until the candles went out!

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Sprite’s Site

  1. Happy Birthday, Sprite! You’re the apple of your mother’s eye. 12 months ago, you were just a tiny seed. And now … look what you’ve become! May many gifted thoughts spring forth from you in the coming year!

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