Birthday letter from Jen E Wren

Dear Miss Sprite,
Well I guess it has been while since we last spoke … I have missed our
Congratulations on your birthday and I hope you receive some of the
presents on your list 🙂 .
I have been having a little trouble with my hip. I have not been able to
sit at all and I have been trying to write standing up (ironing boards
have multiple uses!). I am much improved and should be fully recovered
in a few more weeks.

I have a special present for you, two photo’s. One is of my son’s pet
cheetah whose name is Cheet. The other is of our friend Alfred, the Kiwi
bird. Alfred and his friends get up to a lot of mischief behind my back.
Recently, Alfred and his friends were nearly caught by some humans when
they mistook a trailing balloon string for a worm and couldn’t hold on
any longer so they all fell into chicken poo in someone’s backyard.
Luckily, they escaped under the fence … Creating bedtime stories for
my son is taking up some of my time.

Time is upon me again and I need to go cook dinner. I sometimes wish I
was able to extend time similar to when Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr
Daniel Jackson are caught in the time loop on Stargate SG-1.

Hope to see you at your birthday,

2 thoughts on “Birthday letter from Jen E Wren

  1. Dear Jen E Wren
    Thank you very much for your Birthday greeting and the pictures of Alfred and Cheet. I have framed them and I will put them on the wall in my room. Columbus Cheetah will like Cheet I am sure!
    From Sprite

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