ACE the Social Media

“Bertha the Bully failed Social Media because she was caught Cyber bullying” Sprite told me “but I ACE it!”

I follow the guidelines that Marjie Knudsen gave in her guest blog entry on Dr Michele Borba’s Reality Check blog at

It’s easy to remember – I told Eidetic, the Memory Elephant, to memorize it.

A = Accountable
I need to be accountable for the things I post on Social Media. I should not post anything that I know is wrong or that I would not want teachers or future employers to read

C = Considerate
I shouldn’t post anything mean or anything that offends Great Aunt Mehitabel or embarrasses my friends

E = Engaged
I need to be engaged in a positive way and post positive, helpful, edifying things. And I need to know what to do if I notice that someone is being a cyber bully


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