“Can you help me get the things I need for dressing up as the Notable Person I choose for Night of the Notables?” asked Sprite.

Night of the Notables is an excellent program in which students research the details of the life of a person who is or was important in the field of their passionate interest. They write a biography and a bio riddle and create a learning centre display about their notable. As the finale there is an evening when the students come dressed as their notable and act in character as they show the learning centre they have created.

“Who have you chosen to research?” I asked

“Either Violet Murrell
Or Pat Smythe
Whichever one I choose I need jodhpurs, and a riding jacket, riding boots, a riding hard hat and, of course, a REAL pony!

So this was another ploy to get a REAL pony! Nice try, I thought!

Gifted kids are often like Little Lawyers and parents can be drawn into over negotiating each issue with them. Discussion and negotiation is good but too much of it is very tiring for parents and can erode rules.

“Riding gear is very expensive!” I said “But I think we would be able to borrow it from a friend. And you would not need to take a REAL pony! You could take your soft toy pony”

“If I can’t take a REAL pony I would prefer to take Columbus Cheetah and research Dr Laurie Marker from the Cheetah Conservation Fund” said Sprite.
I could make a really good learning centre about her with information about cheetahs and their conservation and genetics and Bushblok fuel logs and Anatolian and Kangal herd guarding dogs.”

“I don’t suppose you would let me take a REAL cheetah?”

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