Cruel is NOT Cool

Typical of many gifted children Sprite has a strong sense of justice.
She loves to organize protest marches and campaigns like the Feetspeak Unfair to Sprite protest march and the Please Remember campaign.
So when she saw that author Annie Fox, who has been a guest contributor to Sprite’s blog, is organizing an anti-bullying campaign in the U.S., she was eager to help.

This is Annie Fox’s campaign
Cruel’s Not Cool! a new anti-bullying campaign to engage students, teachers, administrators and parents in a community-wide exploration of our culture of cruelty, why cruel’s not cool, and what each of us can do, moment-by-moment to take back our schools by making them safer, more accepting places for all students all the time.

So Sprite repainted her signs and assembled her campaigners. There were more of them this time.
I noticed a monkey and a meerkat among the marchers.
All the over excitable Dabrowski dogs were there. Imaginational was dreaming of an ideal world where no one was cruel and people and dogs spent their days lazing happily in the sun together.
Caramel Cat was really lazing in the sun and Arachnid the Spider was still too busy with web design to attend.
Everyone seemed to be giving the same message this time – even Columbus Cheetah who could not find a way of working in a message of protest about speed restrictions.
As expected the Origami Secretary Bird had a slightly different approach and claimed that the campaign was about stopping work place harassment. But Sprite did not mind because she said Cruel Is NOT Cool in any setting!

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