Pugnacious Loyola 2

After a lengthy phone discussion with a Psychology student friend about the mistaken tendency to assume that the knowledge you have is generally known by most people, I went to Sprite’s Site to find Sprite staring at Pugnacious Loyola with a perplexed expression on her face.
“What is the matter?” I asked.
“Do I know everything you know?” she asked
“No you only know what I choose to let you know,” I said.
“But because I’m inside the Internet Dimension I can look up stuff.”
“Yes, but only what I choose to let you research for the next blog entry.”
I assumed we were having a discussion along the lines of:
Jo is to Sprite as Creator is to Creation
Therefore Jo’s knowledge is to Sprite’s knowledge as ???
Or maybe it would be a discussion about free will or about censorship.
I could see all sorts of logical arguments and theological parallels and inconsistencies and was already way out of my depth.
But apparently that was not where this conversation was headed.
“What I don’t get,” said Sprite “is why you want to call him Pugnacious Loyola. I Googled the name and I only found a reference to my Sprite’s Site blog where you said that is what you would call him”

“Apart from that there was stuff about Loyola Marymount Lions and Loyola University. And Wikipedia didn’t help either. Pugnacious seemed to be an adjective describing lots of different people. So I looked up pugnacious on Dictionary,com and it said ‘inclined to quarrel or fight readily; quarrelsome; belligerent; combative’.
And under Loyola it said See Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

So why would you call him Pugnacious Loyola?”

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