Getting Unstuck

“Are you really stuck?” asked Sprite in an incredulous tone. “I didn’t think you would fall for that April Fools Day trick. It is like the time you believed them when they said ‘gullible’ had been taken out of the dictionary.”

“You need to get out of there; because I need help with the satin stitch on my quilt!”

“Well what do you suggest?” I asked “Obviously I’m suffering from Writer’s Block or I would have written my way out of here long ago”

“Well I guess the classic example would be Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit’s doorway” said Sprite. Christopher Robin read thinning stories to one end of Pooh while Rabbit hung his towels out to dry on the other end. But I can’t wait that long! I need help with the satin stitch NOW!”

“See if you can find a tutorial online.” I said.

A few minutes later she was back.
“I found it “she said. “You remember Scrap Lady Sharon who helped me with the quilting.
Well I asked her and she showed me. So now I don’t need you to get unstuck any more and I’m off to get some monkeys!

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