Getting Unstuck 2

“You didn’t really think I’d just leave you stuck there, did you?” said Sprite.
She was back with a troupe of nine monkeys in tow.
“Scrap Lady Sharon Barnes showed me an article she has written about How to Get Unstuck on her Creative Transformations blog

She says
There’s a statue of three monkeys in my office: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” It can be useful in teaching children to stay safe and in preventing gossip and negativity. On the other hand, it can hold us in Fantasy-Land. When this happens, we also need another set of Monkeys that allows us to connect with reality. This new set of monkeys brings this message:

Monkey Magic
• See what you see.
• Hear what you hear.
• Feel what you feel.
• Know what you know.
• Think your own thoughts.
• Say what you need to say.
• Do what you need to do.
• Be where you are.
• Be who you (really) are.
“You can download a copy of it from a link on her blog.

So I have brought the monkeys to get you unstuck.

And then you can read the whole of the article, and write your next Gifted Resources Newsletter and next term’s program and do all the work that has been piling up. You can finish the washing and ironing.
Then you can write a blog entry about how the monkeys saved you which will fix your Writer’s Block and you can teach me how to do blanket stitch!”

“Thanks, I think!” I said



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