The Ultimate Homework Excuse

There was a piece of scrumpled paper in the bottom of Sprite’s backpack.
When I had smoother it out I realized that it was a History homework assignment which was due to be submitted in two days.

“What’s this?” I asked “Have you finished it already?”
“No” said Sprite.
“Well have you done any work on it?”
“No” said Sprite. “I went to see the Professor and Paula the Physicist and Paula said…”
“Don’t change the topic young lady!”
“I’m not! Paula said I didn’t have to do it yet!”
“That doesn’t sound like something Paula would say” I said.
Paula had been a very encouraging mentor for Sprite but she had always been firm when necessary. “Did she suggest that you could ask for an extension?”

“I didn’t tell her about the History assignment. I was asking her about dimensions after what you said about the chair. And she was talking about time as a fourth dimension and vectors and relativity and tesseracts and lots of other stuff. We were talking about the Wikipedia entry at
We were also talking about how different dimensions could have different times.
And I remembered that you said you drew all my backgrounds. So that means the dimension I’m in only started when you did that first picture and that was about one of your years ago.
So that means, unless my time scale is really different from yours, it couldn’t possibly be March 2010 for me and so I still have 2009 years to finish the History assignment!”

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