Black Dog reaction to the news

“I don’t mind reading the newspaper to the Dabrowski Dogs” Sprite told me “but I really don’t like it when the Black Dogs join in!”

“I was reading an article in the local paper about how a factory was fined for polluting the creek. There was a yellow scum on the water and the fish had died and then the birds that ate the fish died too and the bank looked like something from the book ‘Silent spring’. It was horrible!”

“Emotional Dabrowski started howling and the Black Dogs came to see what the matter was.”

“Guard on Duty Black Dog put his foot on the paper and said not to look at it because it would upset me; but I really felt I needed to keep reading and find out about it,” said Sprite.

Wistful Black Dog whispered to the Memory Elephant “That is the creek where Sprite used to go for picnics. She probably knew those fish and birds”

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