Participants arrive at the P Party

The guests are arriving for Sprite’s P Party and I have been kept busy as the official Portrait Painter for the event.
The Memory Elephant has also helped in the Preservation of memories by acting as Photographer Pachyderm to record Pictorial memories.
The Origami Secretary Bird had undertaken some P.D. so that he could act as P.A. and organise the P.R. for the event.
Onetwitterbird was of the opinion that HE was the one in charge of P.R. and took every opportunity to appear in the media as the spokesman. The other Twitter Birds actually did the bulk of the publicity work.
The Origami Secretary Bird was of the opinion that the event should be combined with New Year’s Eve festivities and went ahead and hired a Pyro-technics Expert to provide a fireworks display.
In spite of PC PC PC acting as security to the front door and the Policeman on Push bikes Patrolling the Perimeter, a few extra guests entered over the walls.
These included a Parachutist, Petra Polona the Polish Pole Vaulter and Aviatrix Amelia Earhart.
PC PC PC was not going to let Amelia Earthart enter until Sprite said she wanted her to be present and introduced her as Pamela Pearhart Plane Pilot.
If you would like to see the costumes the guests wore please see the Powerpoint Presentation at
You can also reach it by going to the home page of Jo’s Own Website and clicking on the link.

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