Games People Play at P Parties

Sprite has already set up some of the indoor games she wants to play at her P Party. It is not surprising that she has chosen
Pin the tail on the donkey
Pass the Parcel
She also has a Player Piano, Mrs. P reading stories, a Poets’ Corner, a Punch and Judy show, a Popcorn machine, Pictionary, Parcheesi, Pong and Pacman games and a Ping Pong table set up indoors.

For outdoor games she has requested a Playground, Pogo sticks and Pony rides
She even wanted to have a Polo match but I told her that would not be Possible

She has also invented several games that she wants to play and has been dictating the rules and the contents of the game cards onto her voice recorder.
It has been keeping her busy while I get on with Packing but I guess she will want me to transcribe them for her later.

Here are her games:

Pleased to meet you Polly Pringle Introduction Game
Everyone has to meet everyone else at the P Party and introduce themselves. One person meets another and they introduce themselves. Then they have to take the person they have just met and introduce them to another person until everyone in the room has met everyone else.

Presenting Peaceful Patrick Porter Cumulative Memory Game
Everyone stands in a circle. The first person says his name and an adjective which describes him. The people who follow have to remember all the names that have been said so far in reverse order.
For example
“I’m Peaceful Patrick Porter”
The person to his right then says “I’m Pretty Patty Penfold and I would like to Present Peaceful Patrick Porter”
The person to her right says “I’m Portly Portia Patterson and I would like to present Pretty Patty Penfold and Peaceful Patrick Porter”

Permutations Handshakes
Work out how many handshakes there would be if everyone shook hands with everyone else? Then for a challenge how many handshakes would there be if you shook hands with the other hand as well? What if you shook hands with each hand and then with both hands?
And then some of the guests have four legs!

Pretend- a game like Charades but all the actions and situations must begin with P.
If you can think of any other P Games which Sprite could have at her Party; Please write to her in the Comments section below.

P.S. I have decided that I will attend Sprite’s P Party as a Portrait Painter so that I can paint portraits of Sprite’s guests.

One thought on “Games People Play at P Parties

  1. Hi Sprite

    Another game you could play at your P Party is Prominent People. It is like Talking Heads or Who am I?
    A Participant sits in front of a screen with their back turned to itand you use a data Projector to Project an image of a famous Person (dead or still living) onto the screen.
    Without looking at the screen the Participant has to ask questions and try to guess which Prominent Person is on the screen.

    Have a great Party – Al

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