Appreciation Coaching

Sprite had left her Christmas wish list in a prominent position.
I had a sinking feeling that she was in for some disappointments

I knew that when she wrote ‘Good Telescope’ she was thinking of something along the lines of the Hubble telescope and the $45.00 toy one was not going to impress her.
And when she wrote ‘Good Microscope’ she was thinking of an electron microscope not the150X magnification one which had been purchased for her.

And a REAL!!! pony was just out of the question.

I hoped we would not be having tears and tantrums which would do Emotional Dabrowski proud on Christmas day. And, as the people who gave her the gifts would have put thought, time and effort into purchasing them for her, I hoped she would be able to thank them graciously.

Fortunately Dr. Michele Borba had foreseen just such disappointments occurring for children around the world and published an article about giving children practice in accepting gifts graciously even when disappointed which she titled The Overlooked Holiday Skill -Teaching Kids To Be Appreciative Even When Disappointed

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