Postman Pedro Perez

In the last few days we have had several visits from our friendly local postman bringing supplies which Sprite has ordered for her P Party and gifts which kind folk have sent her.
The hall table is heaped with Packages and Priority Paid mail and Parcels and Packets are stacked up beside it.
Sprite even received a Postcard from the Pope (Sprite called it a Popescard!) informing her that the Pontiff would not be able attend her P Party owing to Prior Practicalities but wishing her ‘Pacis quod Prosperitas’

The Postman was most impressed. “It looks as if you are having a Party,” he said.
By now we were on Pal standings with our Postman and knew his name was Pedro Perez and his Parents lived in Peru.
“It’s a P Party,” said Sprite “you should come!”


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