I’m NOT Itchy Dabrowski!

”I have upset the Dabrowski dogs,” Sprite said. “Emotional told me that Sensual was really upset because I called him Itchy Dabrowski. He said everybody calls him Itchy and it makes him really cross because Sensual is his proper name and it describes him so much better.
He said it is not just about some materials making him feel Itchy; it is about appreciating the feel of materials and the tastes and textures of foods. It is about luxuriating in the feel of deep pile fur or velvet and loving the feeling of oysters sliding down your throat but being disgusted by the feeling of slimy mashed peas in your mouth.
And Sensual sounds more ‘classy’ than Itchy!
Emotional got really upset and said ‘You didn’t like being called Spit Spite and Sensual doesn’t like being called Itchy!’
“And then I started to get really anxious and think that I had messed up all the party invitations and the party wouldn’t be a success and I could see Guard on Duty Black Dog staring at me” said Sprite.

”But do you know what? He winked at me and said ‘Be BRAVE – Be Ready And Victory is Easy’.  See https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/the-third-s-i-p-p-for-physical-and-practical-part-3/  And he was wearing the lei I gave him and he is going to jump into a shrinking machine and come to the P Party as a Pug!”

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