Preparations for the P Party

“I hope everyone understands that if their name or description doesn’t start with P they have to dress up as something that does” said Sprite.
“And it is not good enough to just say they are a Person.”

“Well Mrs. P and Puppy and Pony should be OK to come as they are” I said.

“Yes Pony is doubly OK because I have named him Pinto” said Sprite

“Jen E Wren said she would come as a Paradise Bird “I said “Onetwitterbird is coming as a Peacock and the other Twitter Birds are coming as Pigeons or Parrots”

“Columbus Cheetah is going to dye his fur black and look mean and snarling and come as a Panther’ said Sprite “The Origami Secretary Bird said because he is made out of Paper he did not need to dress up but that, if I was going to be Pedantic, he would come as a Pompous Politician Secretary Bird. The Topiary Tree Tessellation Birds are coming as a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
Arachnid is going to pretend she is a Poisonous spider.
I don’t know what Caramel and the Memory Elephant are planning.”

“Oh, and I want to invite a few more! I want to invite Puddleglum but I hope he won’t put a damper on the party.
I want a Pipe Band and Pocahontas and a Professor and a Palaeontologist.
And I want to invite Psycho Motor Dabrowski because he starts with P but I hope he doesn’t run wild and knock things over. And if I invite Psycho Motor then all the Dabrowski dogs will have to come (and dress up because they don’t start with P). And if all the Dabrowski dogs come, Itchy Dabrowski will come and I will have to invite all the other Black Dogs too. Wistful would probably be tagging along with the Memory Elephant anyway. But I hope Little Bully Black Dog doesn’t get bossy and Leaping Attack behaves.
And I want a Photographer too!”


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