The Letter P Revisited

“I want to have a P Party!” announced Sprite
“Having a pity party will not help you!” I said
“Not a pity party – a P Party!” said Sprite. “There are a lot of good things that start with P.
Before I was only thinking about the bad things that start with P 

But then I read about Perspective in Stephanie Tolan’s article The Problem of Pain
She says
‘Changing our perspective, changing ourselves, is a choice. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that, whatever the life situation, whatever the pain, each of us, child or adult, always has that choice.’
And now I read in the Gifted Resources newsletter that Stephanie Tolan has made her book Change your story, Change your life available for download from her new website

And when I thought about Perspective I remembered the story about the Giant Seagull and the Newsreader
And I watched it again on YouTube and had a good laugh again.


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