Advice from Starjump Starfish

I need not have worried that Sprite had completely given up on studying for the history exam. I found that she had received a reply from Starjump Starfish, Maxine Cowie  in the Comments Box and was trying to implement the advice she had been given

Starjump Starfish said:
You’ve had a lovely time, Sprite, avoiding your history notes. Visiting Mrs. P and listening to stories, and reading Stephanie Tolan’s Change your story…. Fantastic. You know why? Because Stephanie is right. Did you know, if you have a picture in your mind that makes you feel no good, try changing the picture and see what happens.

Now about the history notes. I guess when you were in class you didn’t know how to put the information into your memory elephant. No wonder the memory elephant said he doesn’t have them.

OK next time you are in class, and your teacher is talking about something you have to remember, why don’t you try building one of Jo’s fantastic mind maps with pictures, and colours, and words and lines and anything else that you can draw onto your whiteboard to help you remember. Take what she is saying and be creative with how you record it on the whiteboard in your mind. I’ll guarantee your memory elephant will be able to find it for you when you need it.
PS Don’t forget to visualize the picture that you draw on your whiteboard. You might even want to put that picture into a special history box in your mind… There you go… see what you can do with that and get back to me.

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