You have the elephant memory yourself!

Starjump Starfish sent this piece of valuable advice to Sprite via the Comments box

“Hey Sprite, Starjump Starfish here! You’re the one with the elephant memory!
Sounds like you need a big feed of VSL straw to chew on Sprite. A bucket full of freshly cut hay to get the memory juices flowing. VSL straw will definitely help you digest and download what’s on the elephant memory stick…. And you won’t need to try and squeeze your memory elephant USB into a squishy squashy little square on the side of your computer… Hey why don’t you kick the straw bucket around a bit too…. That will help. It’ll loosen you up so you can download the important bits from your memory elephant. ….Like the snaps of Sydney…. Download them onto your very own interactive white board in your mind… you can play with everything you download there. Ask the elephant to write on on it with a whiteboard marker Turn it around, look at it upside down, colour it, organize it in a way that even a giraffe could understand. It’s fun too because if you have an interactive white board in your mind to play with you’ll discover you actually have an elephant memory yourself.”

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