How do you download the Memory Elephant?

“How do you download the Memory Elephant?” asked Sprite

“He has all the holiday pictures of Sydney Harbour and all the stuff I need to know for the exams and I don’t know how to get it back.
I told him to stick his trunk in the socket on the computer but it wouldn’t fit properly and the computer would not recognize him as new hardware.
So then I got him to hold a memory stick in his trunk and plug into the USB port but it was not showing any data on the Removable Disk E.
So you would need some sort of connector to join the elephant to the USB to the computer.
Or else you would need to get the information from the elephant onto the USB but I tried putting the USB in the elephant’s trunk and that didn’t work and in his mouth and that didn’t work and I don’t want to try any other options.
So I think I have to get the whole elephant into the memory stick somehow – sort of like how a genie gets into a bottle.
How do they do that?”

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