Spit Spite Sprite


“You remember how I said having a good imagination helped when we were using the Poem Creator program from http://tinyurl.com/ravbsy in English?” said Sprite
“Well it was really fun and not too much writing. I put in the word Imagine and that is what the result looked like.
And then the poem I wrote from that was

An image
A man
A mage
An age

Most of the kids couldn’t think of good words to use to make good poems
The In-crowd sporty boys were putting in rude words and elbowing each other in the ribs and laughing.
And the Queen-Bee girls were putting in each other’s names and giggling.

And then Mr. M used my word as an example and read out my poem to the class and said it was creative and thought provoking.

And then the Queen-Bees put my name into the poem generator and started teasing me calling me Spit and Spite and they kept it up all through that lesson and all through lunch time – but never when a teacher could hear them.

It’s not fair! I don’t tease them when they win at sports and stuff; but they tease me when I get things wrong and also when I do well. So I can’t win!

I wish I could be camouflaged like baby cheetahs. Or I wish I was invisible!

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