All the Dabrowski dogs – Part 3


“My favourite Dabrowski dog is Imaginational,” said Sprite.
“He is a Bedlington Terrier who likes to imagine that he is a lamb and he has a whole lovely imaginary world with meadows full of flowers and butterflies and rivers of singing waters and glistening fish.
He is a real poet when he talks about it. He paints the picture with words and you can really see it too.”
“He must be like Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon.” I said. “Snoopy was often sitting on the roof of his kennel and pretending to be a fighter pilot engaging the Red Baron. I’ll show you the Peanuts cartoon book sometime.”

“I know Imaginational dreams because I see his feet twitching as if he running in his sleep and sometimes he barks or whimpers while he is sleeping. I dream a lot too,” said Sprite. “I’ll tell you about my dreams sometime.”
”And the teachers always say I day dream too. They keep on saying things like ‘Earth to Sprite – Come in Sprite!’ But it is because the classes are SO BORING! I just tune out and take a ride in a hot air balloon and look down at Imaginational’s meadows and rivers all spread out like a patch work quilt.
It was useful in English one day when we were making poems using the Poetry Creator and Mr M said my ideas were excellent and used them as examples for the class. But then we went into maths and Ms B said ‘Get your head out of the clouds, Sprite.’
“Anyway, Imaginational is my favourite Dabrowski dog!”

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