All the Dabrowski dogs – Part 2

“The Dabrowskis also have a super smart Border Collie called Intellectual,” said Sprite
“He loves complex reasoning and solving problems and puzzles, He loves finding out new information and playing cognitive games.

He even programmed a robot to round up the Twitter Birds and herd them into a can.
I love Intellectual – I think he’s a lot like me in some ways,” said Sprite.

“And then there’s Emotional. She is SO exhausting to play with because she is all happy and exuberant one moment and then sadder than sad the next.
And she is really intense and wants really deep friendships and to share her heart and soul with you. And then you feel all the emotions with her and it feels like you have been on a roller coaster ride.
I want to be friends with Emotional but I’m so much like her that it is really exhausting’” said Sprite.


I could see that if Sprite was going to be having ongoing contact with the Overexcitable Dabrowski Dogs I would need more information to help her cope with them.

So I went back to Stephanie Tolan’s website and reread her article Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities A Layman’s Explanation at

And then I found a program for use with children which can be downloaded without cost
Living and learning with Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities
A teaching unit by Cindy Strickland

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