All the Dabrowski dogs – Part 1

“Do you remember Itchy Dabrowski Black Dog?” asked Sprite. “Well I found out that the Dabrowskis have five dogs and they are all over-excitable.
And they are all a bit like me.”

“The itchy one is called Sensual.”


“He loves the feel of some materials but finds other scratchy.
He loves to look at beautiful views but really hates the flickering of neon lights.
He loves to hear beautiful music but does not like loud or dissonant sounds – he really hates thunder!
He has a highly developed sense of smell too.
He often rolls in revolting smelly stuff and comes in all green and smelly and thinks he should rub against people and share his delightful smells with them!”

As Sprite had discovered, in people the sensual overexcitability often shows up in finding some materials scratchy or irritating and wanting all the tags removed from their clothes.
And many gifted people have the same heightened senses that Sensual dog experiences.

“Then there is Psycho Motor – isn’t that a great name for a dog!” said Sprite.
“Psycho Motor is always running and jumping and barking and chasing his tail.
Some people say Psycho Motor has ADHD. I don’t know whether he does or whether he is just very active.
I guess I’m a bit like Psycho Motor too because he barks all the time and people say I talk all the time and that I talk very fast and they can’t understand me”

I knew what Sprite meant – many gifted people have the psychomotor overexcitability. Some need to pace while they are thinking, some find it easier to concentrate if they are juggling and many talk a great deal and speak very fast.
And many gifted people have trouble getting to sleep because their mind is so active that they have trouble relaxing.

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