Classification by Sprite method


Sprite was showing me her shell collection.
There was a pinecone on the table as well.
“Which is the odd one out there?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe the periwinkle;” she said.
To give her a clue I asked “Why is there a pinecone in the shell collection?”
“Because it is like that shell next to it” said Sprite. “They are both examples of the Fibonacci sequence.”

I could see why Sprite, although she is exceptionally clever, could not score well on some sections of the I.Q. test especially if there was a time limit. She could make a good case for almost any of the answers and timed sections were a problem because she wanted to take time to consider each option. Also she thought that the obvious answer must be wrong because why would they ask a question if the answer was so simple?

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