Sprite Schrödinger’s Cat

Keeping a gifted child occupied can be a real challenge

I have become used to finding crystals of various shape and colour suspended above glasses of solution on the bench and strange objects in the freezer but Sprite’s latest experiment really upset the decorum of the household.
A dreadful caterwauling made me race to Sprite’s room where I found her attempting to stuff Caramel the cat into a tiny cupboard.

She was saying “Go on, in you go, Caramel! You’ll only be in there for an hour and you’ll only die if one atom breaks down and trips the alarm which opens the cyanide bottle and…
… and then we can look and see whether you are dead or not. Because before we look you could be either!”
Caramel was screeching and bracing with all four paws against the sides of the cupboard door.
Sprite had been watching a video about the theoretical Schrödinger’s Cat experiment at http://hubpages.com/hub/Quantum-Physics—Schrodingers-Cat

“But I’m not hurting her. I wouldn’t dream of hurting her. Nothing bad is really going to happen. I just want her to go into the cupboard”
I’m just pretending” said Sprite. It’s just pretend cyanide and radioactive stuff and just a pretend Geiger counter!”

“I think Caramel would prefer it if you used a pretend cat too!” I said.

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