Cheetah treater tweeter

Teachagiftedkid asked on Twitter for suggestions for t-shirt logos for a gifted teacher and my first suggestion was “I’m a Cheetah Treater” and then I thought and if you post to Twitter about your teaching the logo would be “Cheetah Treater Tweeter”
When I mentioned it to Sprite she set up a photo shoot of Columbus Cheetah and Onetwitterbird to create some illustrations.
Here are the pictures she took
No 1 Tweetcher
No 2. Cheetah Treater
And No 3 For teachers of Twice Exceptional (Gifted with a learning disability) who post on Twitter
Cheetah Treater Tweeter

2 thoughts on “Cheetah treater tweeter

  1. Thank you, Angie!
    I do spend quite a lot of time doing the illustrations – I really enjoy doing it. Some take a long time, others are just a matter of copy /paste and adapt some bits. I let Sprite think each one is very time consuming; otherwise she would have me working 24/7 to provide all the settings and accessories she desires!
    Gifted kids do tend to set a fast pace for their teachers and families!
    Kind regards, Jo

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