The Third S.I.P. – P for Physical and Practical Part 5

“Some people say that now that I know how to manage Black Dog I should just get on with my life and shoo away Wistful Black Dog who sits next to the Memory Elephant wishing things were different in the past,” said Sprite.

“But I don’t want to do that,” she said “because if Wistful Dog goes a lot of good memories would go with him because the good things would not have been so good if there was no bad as well.”

“And I think all my memories are part of me and the bad things that happened helped make me who I am; so I don’t want to forget them completely.”

“Alison Brown, the psychologist, says that it is very helpful to tell your story and record it so that it won’t be lost. It is called Narrative Therapy” I told her.

“Black Dog is like me” said Sprite.” He can’t write his memories down. So if I record them would you transcribe them for me, please?”


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