Dabrowski’s dog


“Black Dog has fleas!” accused Sprite.
“He sits there and scratches his fleas and they get into my cast and make my leg itchy. And then they make my woolen jumper all itchy too and then I notice that the tags on all my clothes are scratchy. And then I notice that the seams on my sock are not lined up straight and they are digging into my toes.
And then I feel itchy all over and anxious and out of sorts and it’s all Black Dog’s fault!”

I had been wondering where the various Black Dogs that had been pestering Sprite had come from, hoping I would be able to return them to their various owners. None of them were wearing ID tags.

But I recognized this one now!

“That must be the Dabrowski’s dog,” I said. “I meant to warn you about Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities when I was telling you how to help Black Dog who feels like an alien. Because increased intensity and sensitivity is often part of being a gifted person. Itchy Black Dog and you are possibly suffering from Sensual Overexcitabilities.
We will talk about it more later but in the meantime you might like to read Stephanie Tolan’s Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities – A Layman’s Explanation
at http://www.stephanietolan.com/dabrowskis.htm

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