Little silver boxes with bows on top

The discussion about silver linings in clouds reminded me of one of my favourite books – Florence Littauer’s ‘Silver boxes’ and I went looking for it in my bookcase.
However I remembered that I had lent it to someone and it had never been returned but was probably passed on again to keep spreading its message of encouragement.

So I turned to the trusty Bing search and found that Florence and Marita Littauer have a website and the book can be purchased from their online store

Here’s what it says about the book
Silver Boxes captures the heart of Florence’s famous message by the same name. Based on Ephesians 4:29, Silver Boxes includes the favorite stories and expands on the gift of encouragement through the lives of many who have been helped or hurt through the words of others. You will be touched and inspired by the stories and examples. You will learn to deal with the hurt of discouraging words and to lift up others through the giving of encouraging words, “little silver boxes with bows on top.”

Great recommended reading for Sprite!


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