The second SIP – I for Intellectual Part 3

“What can we do to help Black Dog when he feels like an alien who has been dumped here?” asked Sprite.


Image Jo Freitag

I knew the answer to this one. I remembered our own five year old reading over my shoulder as I read an article about whether you should tell a child they are gifted. The article concluded that, in most cases, you should tell the child because they probably felt as if they were different anyway and needed an explanation.

“Alien Black Dog needs to know that he is not alone – there are others like him and he needs to understand some of the characteristics of gifted people which, though they seem very strange to people in the general population, are ‘normal for gifted’, as Lesley Sword would say.”

“There are some excellent handout note articles on Lesley Sword’s Gifted and Creative Services Australia website
Intensity and sensitivity, introversion and overexcitabilities are all common for gifted people.” I said.

“And there are also some excellent books for students such as The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide by Judy Galbraith and James Deslisle. I’ll see what I can find in the Gifted Resources library.”

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