The second SIP – I for Intellectual Part 1

The email from Sally-Anne McCormack arrived at a perfect time.
Just as Sprite had been asking whether there were any ways to help the Puddleglummish Black Dog think the right way and I had promised to find out, Sally-Anne’s newsletter arrived.

“The psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack has a program called Stomp out the ANTs and her book of the same name will be available in December.” I said to Sprite.

Her website is at

This is what it says about Stomp out the ANTs

Stomp out the ANTs Programs provide the students with a ‘feelings’ vocabulary, teach some ways of replacing Automatic Negative Thoughts with more positive thoughts, show them to look for “evidence” when making assumptions about situations, etc. This is done using a variety of different methods which may include worksheets, conversations, role playing, debates, writing, reading and other means. There are often “homework” activities such as filling in a mood diary for the period of the program to be able to track the changes in thoughts and feelings over this time. It also helps the student to focus on their own particular difficulties so they can address them.
The author of this program – Sally-Anne McCormack – is a registered psychologist, an experienced teacher, and a parent of 4 children and adolescents. Her interests include the prevention and treatment of depression, dealing with all educational issues (eg. assessment, giftedness, counselling, behaviour management, etc.) and a variety of other issues that are relevant for children and adolescents. She has private practices in the Eastern suburbs (Blackburn and Burwood East) and is available for private sessions.

“Look,” said Sprite “Sally-Anne McCormack has a frog like my FrOG friend.”

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