The many faces of Black Dog

“I see Black Dog quite often.” Sprite confided.
“Sometimes he is like Eeyore and he just needs more love and hugs to feel happy again.”

“Sometimes he is like Puddleglum and you can see he is just not thinking about things the right way. Are there any ways to help him think the right way?”
“Yes there are – I will see what I can find,” I said.

“But you said sometimes Black Dog frightens you. When is that?” I asked.

“Well,” Sprite took a deep breath and her voice quavered “Sometimes he is sitting down beside the Memory Elephant looking all wistful as if he wishes things could have been different in the past”


“And sometimes he is wandering around, limping and looking as if he doesn’t know where he fits in. I think he wonders if he came from another planet and has just been dumped here. I know how he feels”


“He often looks SAD and bedraggled when the sky is grey and it is cold and rainy in winter – someone told me that was called Seasonal Affective Disorder”


“Other times he is like a guard dog – all alert and solid – and he is stopping me from doing things because he says things will go wrong if I do them and he makes me afraid to even try. And some of the things would really be fun to do”


“And then there is Little Bully Black Dog. Sometimes he gets all hyperactive and wants to play. But then he turns into a bully and teases me about things I can’t do. He pulls on my bandage  and makes my leg hurt even more and makes me feel really anxious. Maybe if I knew how to joke and play it would be fine.”


“And sometimes he looks as if he is about to leap at me and attack me!

I don’t know when he will do it and I don’t know what makes him do it. And I don’t know whether I would be strong enough to stop him if he did leap on me.
That is when he scares me the most!”


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