Taking a S.I.P. Approach to the half-empty glass


“Suppose the glass vase on the table contained a powerful potion for overcoming the bad things Black Dog sometimes does to you…” I said.

“Yes?” said Sprite
“Would you drink it?”
“I would want to know that it really was what you said and that it wasn’t poison or something.”

“That’s good. I am glad you are thinking wisely about it. Let’s just say you know it is safe to drink.”

“How full do you think the glass is?”
“About half full” said Sprite (OK – I know I set her up for that answer!)
“What do you think Puddleglum would say?”

Sprite is a clever cookie. She could see where this conversation was going already.”
“He would say it is half empty and he wouldn’t want to drink it because, if he did, there wouldn’t be any left if he needed it another time.”
“What is wrong with thinking like that?”
“Well, if he did drink it all, someone might come and refill it and anyway a little bit might be enough – like cough medicine – you only take 7.5ml of that.”

“Exactly!” I said. “So you would be happy to take a SIP and even poor old pessimistic Puddleglum could probably be persuaded to take just a SIP”


“Well, that is what we are going to do to tame Black Dog. We are going to take a three-pronged S.I.P. approach.
S is for Spiritual
I is for Intellectual
P is for Physical and Practical”

 “So you want me to take a SIP from the glass vase on the table?”

“No, not really! That had flowers in it.  That was just an example.
I’ll tell you all about our SIP plan in a moment”

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