Letter from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Sprite,
I was reading about the quilting and I know exactly how you feel!
I’m no good at quilting … but I do enjoy cross-stitch and 3D embroidery … when I have the TIME! Aauughh! The PhD has taken over my life. Oh well, I guess it is short-term pain for long-term gain, a little like your Poor ankle. I love your chaos blocks. Very nice. I’m pleased that you apologised to Jo, very well done Sprite.

At the moment I feel like I cannot do anything right. Everything I touch, including washing my darling husband’s very expensive USB drive, seems to turn out wrong. I was in a hurry to do the washing and I didn’t check his shirt pocket and the drive with SD card still in place went through the washing machine with dire outcomes. The SD card is wrecked and I don’t know if the USB is salvageable. Darling husband was very forgiving: he usually empties his shirt pockets.
I asked God “What’s going on?” He directed me to 1 Samuel 30:1-ff where David and his men left their wives and children in the city of Ziklag to fight elsewhere.
When David and his army returned they found their wives and children had been kidnapped, the city plundered and burned. The text says that they wept until they had no more strength left to weep. Then, David sought the Lord, the Lord gave him direction and David with his men had a great victory freeing their families and reclaiming their possessions. This gives me hope that the Lord will provide a way through the current circumstances.
Keep up the quilting.
Love & Hugs

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