OPQ – Overwhelmed by Perfectionistic Quilting

In contrast to the relaxing creative outlet I had anticipated, quilting turned out to be very frustrating for Sprite.
She wants everything she does to be perfect and was dismayed by every flaw.
The rubbish bin was filling rapidly and Sprite was becoming more and more distressed. She was fretting about the waste of material as much as her mistakes

Very serendipitously I had been talking to Sharon Barnes aka ScrapLadySharon on OGTOC and Twitter and she shared 7 steps we could take to Overcome the Overwhelm http://www.academyofcreativeliving.com/uploads/Seven%20Steps%20to%20Overcoming%20Overwhelm.pdf

She also shared with me an article from her Creative Transformations Blog titled My Scrap Angel: Life lessons learned while quilting http://sharonmbarnes.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/my-scrap-angel-life-lessons-learned-while-quilting/

I read the article to Sprite and said we were going to use all the discarded squares to experiment with embroidery and beading. There were no rules, no expected outcomes. As they would have been thrown out we would not be wasting any material. If they turned out well it would be a bonus.

We made some beautiful chaos blocks.


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