Letter from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Sprite,
Oh dear, you Poor thing. You sound like you have had enough of all the
Poking and Prodding of your sore ankle, Pain and the Plaster cast! Sometimes it is so hard to keep doing what we know is good for us when it involves pain.
Sprite, I’m wondering if you think that it is all too much? Do you know that Jo loves you and cares for you? If you don’t go to Physiotherapy then your ankle may not heal Properly.
If you take off the Plaster cast too soon you may accidentally hurt your
ankle again and then things would be much, much worse. Because Jo loves
you, she will not let you risk hurting yourself again. That is why Jo
wants you to keep on doing the things that are Painful now so that you
can be Pain free and have normal function in your ankle in the future. I
know it is hard for you, but you are not alone Sprite. We all go through
difficult times and I am in one of those difficult times right at this moment.
However, I know that God is with me and that He has a Plan for
me and my family, and is giving me hope for a bright future. Right now
I need to have endurance and Perseverance – do you know what that means?
Then, in the end things will all work out Positively. Don’t forget that
Jo hurt her ankle – she knows and understands.



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