The Protest March

It was a beautiful day for a protest march.
Sprite had written her list of grievances which she called her ‘theses’ on a scroll. I could not tell whether the spelling was correct as the writing was an untidy tiny scrawl.
“What are you going to do – nail it to the door of Luther College and then eat a Diet of Worms?” I asked, trying to diffuse the situation with humour.
Sprite had obviously not thought that far ahead. She just wanted to get the march started.

As expected the imaginary Memory Elephant was participating wholeheartedly; presenting Sprite’s message clearly.
FrOG had been pressed into action and frog-marched to the starting point.
Puppy and Pony had been set up to display anti-Jo placards.
The Twitter Birds were eager to spread news of the event.

But there seemed to be some confusion in the ranks as to the reason for the Protest March. Columbus Cheetah thought the purpose was to protest the imposition of speed limits and the Secretary Bird thought it was a gathering to fight for increased wages and improved working conditions and came in the role of the Union Delegate for the Origami Secretary Bird Pool.

The Bird Leaf Topiary Tree Tessellation Birds were content to be neutral bystanders. Arachnid, the spider, was too engrossed in website design to attend.
Caramel, the cat, remained aloof and slept in a patch of sunlight.

And Jen-E-Wren just watched the proceedings with her head tilted sideways and a thoughtful expression.

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