The Letter P

“Sprite’s ankle is brought to you today by the letter P” announced Sprite “because I want to Protest.
What I want to say is I want to have a whinge but that doesn’t start with P”

When I realized that Sprite did not know who Kermit the Frog was I had introduced her to The Muppets and Sesame St.
P. P is for Painpforpain
P is also for Plaster cast. Jo says the plaster cast represents the best Provision Possibleplastercast
Phil the Physiotherapist – Jo and I go to Lucia the Physiotherapist and she is great but she wouldn’t wear a shirt with the letter P monogrammed on it.
Sometimes there is more Pain after the Physiotherapy because she is trying to put everything back in Place and there are exercises to Practice which cause more Pain and I don’t want to do them
Pink slippers – I love my pink slippers – they are from the De Bono’s Six Action Shoes Collection. Jo rattles on about Planning Programs for students who are gifted and have a learning disability using De Bono’s Six Action Shoes as a Planning tool.spritewalk04
And I am her Poster Child for her Feetspeak: 2E shoes. That’s why she always draws me with a sore ankle so that I need different shoes for each foot – like using different types of Program (Planned with De Bono’s shoes)for the giftedness and the learning disability. And that’s why I’m in Pain.

SO I think I really DO MEAN PROTEST instead of whinge!

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