Sprite’s Menagerie


“Who is your spider friend?” I asked Sprite

“That’s Arachnid. Lynne Kelly says even kids can do valuable original scientific research in their own gardens by identifying the spiders they find. And she has a blog for them http://www.lynnekelly.com.au/spiderbloggers/

Sprite is certainly gathering quite a menagerie and each one seems to have an interesting back story. Sprite deals with them all equally and it is not always easy to tell in which category they belong.

There are the Literals – Arachnid the spider and Caramel the cat
The Soft Toys – Columbus Cheetah, pony and puppy (not yet named)
The Origamis – Secretary Bird (and many more to come)
The Tessellations – Bird Leaf Topiary Tree birds
The Cyber visitors – Twitter birds
The Pseudonymous – Jen E Wren
The Imaginary – The Memory Elephant

 And the frog friend
“Who is your frog friend? Is it Kermit or a potential prince or P.H.R.O.G. – frog to me?”
Sprite looked at me as if I was talking a foreign language or like an old person ‘back in my days’  
“He is FrOG”
“I can see that but does he have a name?”
“Why should he have a name? He’s just an enamel brooch. FrOG stands for Friend of Gifted and some of the teachers wear them so kids can find someone sympathetic in the playground if they need to talk. Someone dropped this one and I’m going to hand him in to the office on Monday. But I think he wants to stay here!”

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