Correspondence with Jen E Wren

Hi Jen
Have a look at the blog. Sprite has a solution for us – to help us when we are too busy!
You have to read the entry before about Holiday Programs also to see her ulterior motives for helping.
Kind regards, Jo

Hi Sprite,
I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. I have been very busy helping a friend with some legal issues, my daughter has been at school leadership camp, and I have been working on updating all the documentation I need for my research. “Pliese” looks interesting and should keep you busy, Sprite.
I was reading your blog and I would like a secretary bird too, please!
Maybe the secretary bird can type my next paper for me and write my thesis. This would mean that I would no longer have a sore back and I wouldn’t have to deal with the Raynauds Syndrome in my hands (I loose the blood supply to my fingers). In winter I wear fingerless gloves and
I have a hottie to help keep me warm. Anyway, I am having a bit of a whinge because I am so very tired at the moment. However, I am celebrating because I have made it through confirmation. Praise God.
I want to tell you about some special help I have … his name is Merlin and I downloaded him from the cyber buddy website. He can do all sorts of things (most of his functions I have switched off – please don’t tell him, he would be very upset).I got him to read my writing back to me. I have found that when I listen to someone reading my writing I notice the ‘jumps’ between sentences more than if I read to myself. Merlin tells me a joke every day and loves to speak words of encouragement. There’s only one problem, Sprite,…he snores when he goes to sleep if I am not interacting with him …. Aauughh!
My son is chatting in my ear while I am writing this letter to you because he wants me to interact with Merlin. My son wants to know if I can type without looking at the screen or the keyboard. I am one of those lucky people who do so much typing every day that looking elsewhere and typing is possible for me. I came close to failing the typing elective at school – on one of those old mechanical typewriters.
I’m sure Jo will have a picture of one around somewhere for you to look at. The mechanical typewriters are hard work, not at all like the keyboards we have now.
Sprite, I really need to go now and cook dinner for my family. Give my love to Jo, tell her I will be able to come and see you all soon.

Zen hugs,

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