Dear Jen E Wren
I just reread your letter and noticed this bit

‘I was reading your blog and I would like a secretary bird too, please!
Maybe the secretary bird can type my next paper for me and write my thesis. This would mean that I would no longer have a sore back and I wouldn’t have to deal with the Raynauds Syndrome in my hands (I loose the blood supply to my fingers). In winter I wear fingerless gloves and
I have a hottie to help keep me warm. Anyway, I am having a bit of a whinge because I am so very tired at the moment. However, I am celebrating because I have made it through confirmation. Praise God.’

Here is your secretary birdSecretaryBird04

I don’t know why Jo still does not have time to take me everywhere now that she has a secretary bird!

Remember how you said in your other letter about praying and God would give you extra time – well I did and I have got lots of extra time
But I think if Jo prayed for that she must have filled up the extra time she was given so she is still busy and maybe that happened to you too.
Maybe you are just busier than I am because you have families and maybe if you hadn’t prayed for more time you would not even be able to fit all the things you do in a regular day.

Oh and you are allowed to have a whinge – I am going to have a whinge in a blog entry about The Letter P soon.

Hugs from Sprite

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